Puerto Rico Open 2023: February 27 - March 5, 2023 - GRAND RESERVE GOLF CLUB • RÍO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO

about us

The Puerto Rico Open, the most fun tournament in the PGA TOUR, speaks to our
resiliency, passion and love for the sport. Even after two hurricanes and through a
worldwide pandemic, we committed to the tournament and to the excellent
professional golfers that play it.

The PR Open combines great golf, a beautiful beachfront setting, and the warm
hospitality of Puerto Ricans. It is known for its generous donations to non-profits
every year, supporting their missions and making them part of the experience as
volunteers. It’s an unparalleled stage that showcases the wonders of our island,
while providing an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow.

There's nothing but fun times and good vibes at the Puerto Rico Open!